Surviving The Pandemic

Now we all love a good conspiracy theory, and there’s many doing the rounds right now. Surviving the pandemic is our first priority. It’s been announced today, that lock down will continue for the next three weeks.

Whatever your personal views, it has to be said that governments throughout the World, have excelled in keeping people alive. Providing income, food, accommodation and nursing to all, without prejudice.

Businesses are being stretched though, as it’s taking an age to get government money into their accounts. Obviously this has repercussions for employees, as it’s estimated that two million people may lose their jobs in the UK. Many firms may also no recover at all.

Where’s The Money Coming From?

It’s not gone unnoticed, that vast swathes of money seem to be appearing for pretty much anyone and anything. There’s money for individuals, businesses, banks and in the UK, members of parliament have even awarded themselves an extra £10,000 just for working from home.

To put things into perspective, the US have have made available an initial sum of money, to the tune of $2 Trillion. We all know that there isn’t that much money in the form of greenbacks, so where does it come from?

The reality, is that this money is little more than figures on a computer screen. Just let that sink in for a minute…

It’s not just America though, every country is doing the same.

If money can be “typed” into existence, what does that mean your future? The constant addition of “magic money” leads to some real and alarming problems.

For the savers amongst you, your savings are being devalued at an unprecedented rate. Your money is worth less day by day, and this is one of the reasons you can’t get interest on a bank account. It’s also catastrophic news for those that have pensions.

What Should I Do?

Depending upon where you’re located, you’ll still have had to deal with the Corona Virus pandemic. If you look at your locality, which businesses have managed to thrive during the pandemic?

If we’re to start our own hustle, we need to invest our time into something that’s going to continue producing income, no matter what.

Currently the price of Gold has risen to astronomic records. Whilst you’ve been saving money and adding to your pension, those in the know have been hoarding gold.

As traders have been manipulating the price of paper gold, there isn’t enough physical gold to meet these obligations. The only way the con can be hidden, is to hike the prices of physical gold. If you can buy gold, please buy some.

The most cost effective way is to buy scrap or broken gold. In fact, this is a perfect business idea, and I recommend reading this Gold Buying Guide.


What we need right now, is a shift in consciousness, What worked twenty years ago, isn’t working now. Most people will carry on regardless, and lose everything.

We need a hustle or hustles that will be inexpensive to start, yet produce cash flow. We’ve already discussed blogging, which is the perfect start.

Another simple business is marketing through the use of email, or email marketing. This involves collecting email addresses, and promoting affiliate or your own products to the list. It’s the perfect work from home business.

There’s a great guide called Bulletproof Email which describes exactly how to master this process for guaranteed success. I hope to add a review in due course.

Another simple system is risk free betting from home. You can see a great article HERE. This is a mathematical certainty, and guarantees you free money. It’s a great additional income to consider.

Summing Up

You’ll see that the ideas listed above are all inexpensive to start, allow you to work from home, and all produce cash flow. this is exactly what’s needed in order to thrive in the next pandemic. I’m sure COVID 19 is just the tip of the iceberg.

If we understand where the financial system is now, we can understand how to protect ourselves and loved ones for the future. Although we’re experiencing unprecedented circumstances currently, it’s plain to see just how exposed we are financially.

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