Introduction – The Beginning

I am writing this post during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Within just a few short weeks, the World has turned on its head and shows no sign of getting better.

Businesses that were established generations ago, have gone to the wall. The governments of the World are printing money like it’s going out of fashion.

Pensions and savings have been decimated, and the governments are paying peoples wages. What next?

Why Blog?

I thought it important to put my thoughts in writing for a number of reasons. Not only as a diary of events, but more as a structured method to advise for the future. Reading that last sentence sound weird, but if you plan to hustle for income, what would you do? What types of businesses are going to thrive through a pandemic such as what we’re experiencing currently?

  • High street shops have closed.
  • Public transport is severely restricted.
  • Restaurants and pubs are closed.
  • Car dealerships, pawn shops and jewellers shut.
  • Supermarkets and pharmacies on restricted hours.
  • Online shopping busy, but can’t deliver.
  • Shops don’t want to handle cash.

That’s just a snapshot of what’s happened. How will you thrive if this happens again? What business will you start?

Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of the above type businesses will re-establish in time. However, they remain vulnerable to similar incidents.


What has shocked me during this crisis, is the lack of control that anyone has. Almost all businesses are restricted or closed. Not a single business planned on this happening. Their livelihoods have been torn away virtually overnight.

The purpose of this blog is to look at robust business ideas that will not only ride this out but thrive. Now I’m not saying you should stock toilet rolls and paracetamols of fill the shed with face mask, just in case.

We need a business that can be run remotely if you can’t access an office or workshop. Something that doesn’t need a lot of employees (if any). A business that we control, not circumstance.

What’s The Answer?

The simple answer, is there’s many options. I’ve started this blog as one means. It can be started inexpensively, built over time, operated from home and will hopefully produce an income.

I don’t need staff, and during these times of uncertainty, guess what? People are searching for ways to make money from home. Give the people what they want!

Certainly whilst people are on lock down, they’re seeking entertainment. That can be Youtube, Kindle, Home Shopping, Information, you name it.

Information is fairly easy to collate and disperse. Writing a Kindle book could take a day or two and can even be outsourced. A blog is easy to grow over time. How about a Youtube channels that teaches a hobby for instance. All of these can be monetized easily and as as the money drops into your account each month, who needs to worry about a job?

You can start an information business with the money you have in your purse or wallet right now. It just takes an idea and a little effort, that’s all.

A year from now, you could be making £1000 a month in your spare time. Maybe this is from work you do next week. Residual income can be very powerful, and with information, the more you publish, the more you get paid.

Whether that be by selling content, affiliate programs, advertising or selling subscriptions or courses. Make it easy and automatic. Most blogs have the ability of reaching £1000 per month at the one year point. years two to three can see that rise to £10,000 a month. Would you like a slice of that pie?


The sooner you start your hustle for income, the better, and the sooner you get the income bit. The work you do now could pay handsomely for years. If you have no money, you can still blog using a free platform.

You don’t need money to write a book for Kindle or to start a Youtube channel. Information is the low cost, high reward future. Gone are the days of bricks and mortar businesses. Immerse yourself in information products and services.

I will be covering a whole raft of home hustles that you can start, I’m sure you’ll find something that you could use or adapt to your own personality. Why not let me know how you get on by using the contact page or by leaving a comment.

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