Thanks for checking out my site. My name’s Darren. I’m an employed father of two girls and partner to a very patient partner of nearly sixteen years. Still not married lol. I believe that in order to thrive during the next twenty or so years, we need to hustle for Income.

I am writing this during March 2020. The Corona virus Incident is taking hold, and It’s becoming clear that the World is becoming a challenging and scary place.

So far. there have been many job losses and layoffs, and what’s become very apparent, is that most traditional income methods have failed to produce the results during this time.

I am writing this blog to take a look at Income producing methods that will give us the best possible chance of thriving during times of extreme hardship.

Although I’m no expert on the subject, I’m a believer that there are better ways to free up our time whilst producing residual and passive returns.

I trust you’ll enjoy the site, and please feel free to comment or get In touch.